Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mom/Daughter Craft Day!

So I have been pretty obsessed with Pinterest lately!  I've been really inspired to start different projects!  Since my mom and sister also love crafting, I decided to have them over for a mom/daughter craft day so we could try out some of these ideas I saw on Pinterest. Here is the invite I made and hand delivered to them:

So I saw on Pinterest all the things you can do with glass marbles.  I saved my pickle jars and salsa jars.  I also went to the thrift store and bought a couple glass bottles for a few cents.  I hotglued the glass marbles to the outside.  Can't get simpler than that! Here is the pickle jar I made:
I am currently storing tea bags in this!

 Here is the be-jeweled salsa jar:
Not sure yet what to store in this one!

Here are our other be-jeweled creations made from olive oil jars, pickle jars and old vases:

We also made book marks from old paint chips from Home Depot.  I think they turned out quite cute!

Last but not least, I sprayed chalkboard paint onto a dollar store metal tray:

Mom/Daughter Craft Day was a success!

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